Palak paratha

A healthy alternative to the regular chapattis. My daughters call this the Green chapatti. Ingredients: Palak: 2 cups Wheat flour: 1 cup Green chilly: 2 big Onions: 1 small diced Ginger: 1 inch small Salt to taste Method: Wash the palak leaves and roughly chop it. Add water in a glass bowl and immerse the … Continue reading Palak paratha

Corn Mayo Sandwich

Corn kernels and Mayonnaise, a yummy combination for the kids lunch box. Ingredients: Corn kernels: 1 cup (I used the frozen variety) Oregano herb: 1 table spoon Mayonnaise sauce: 2 table spoons Method: Boil the corn kernels for about 10 minutes so that it becomes soft. Drain the excess water and let it cool down. … Continue reading Corn Mayo Sandwich

Sabji sandwich

Sabji sandwich – this is how my DD calls this sandwich as. Tomato and capsicum gravy stuffed into wheat breads – perfect breakfast for the kids and adults alike. Ingredients: Tomato, Capsicum, Onion: 1 big each finely chopped Cumin powder, turmeric powder, Corinader powder, garam masala powder: 1 tea spoon each Bread: 4 slices(wheat or … Continue reading Sabji sandwich

Paneer Bhurji

Grated Paneer tossed well with freshly cut onions, capsicum and tomatoes…mixed with aromatic spices. Serves well as evening snack.. If stuffed inside bread slices, acts as a filling wholesome breakfast as well.   Ingredients: Grated Paneer: 1 cup Tomato, Capsicum, Onions: 1 big each. Chopped finely Ginger paste: 1 table spoon (you can use ginger … Continue reading Paneer Bhurji

White sauce sandwich

I generally make white sauce for pasta. Today I though I could try a new version of sandwich with this white sauce. Here goes the recipe. Ingredients: Bread: 4 slices (I used wheat bread, you can tyr with other varieties too). Onions: 1 big, finely chopped. Green capsicum: 1/2 finely chopped Milk: 1 cup Maida: … Continue reading White sauce sandwich

Sabudana Vada…No fry

I have tried the deep fry version of sabudana vada. But this no fry version of Sabudana vada seemed better and easier as well. Hence sharing it. Blog inspired by my friend Archana’s blog. Ingredients: Soaked Sabudana: 1 cup (soak sabudana for about 3 hours) Potatoes: 2 big Onion: 1 big Green chillies: 2 Coriander … Continue reading Sabudana Vada…No fry

Babycorn bajji

Golden baby corns smeared with all-purpose flour and red chili powder. Deep fried to serve a delicacy perfect for a rainy day! Ingredients Baby corn: 200 grams Maida: 1 cup Rava: 2 tablespoons Red chili powder: 1 table spoon (as per your requirement) Salt to taste Oil: for deep frying Water: half a cup to … Continue reading Babycorn bajji