Honey chilly potato

8 thoughts on “Honey chilly potato”

  1. From the time of your last post to this one I got my bfp after 9 count em 9 IUI’s and my first injectable cycle with ds. I’ve loved reading your blog and am so happy for you. Can’t wait to get where you are. I’m 8 weeks and sick constantly. Keep us posted! You are awesome and gave both my husband and I a lot of hope thank you!


  2. One good thing about the downturn is that I don’t hear the constant drone of gas-powered leaf blowers all over my neighborhood. The recession means more folks ditched their lawn care services this year, meaning less noise from riding mowers and those ridiculously loud leaf blower backpacks. Just the blissful, muted sounds of Briggs and Stratton engines as homeowners cut their own lawns, reminding us of our childhoods (and how much we hated cutting lawns back then).


  3. pls come to the protest meeting about the cicumstances leading to Dr. Siras’s Death in Aligarh Muslim Unitsreivy!!!!! We Want justice for Prof. Siras!!! Where: Central Park, Connaught Place, in front of Metro Station Gate. When: 5:30pm, Monday, April 12th .


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