Curry leaves chutney

5 thoughts on “Curry leaves chutney”

  1. No one is cherry picking. The verses you keep referring to are easily explained by doing some simple research on them. Post it as a “faith hurdle” and I will be GLAD to discuss it further with you.If you are worried about Paul’s teachings being the only source listed, please give some other examples of people who talk about sex in the Bible. I am sure it would bring a different angle and depth to the discussion.


  2. Yes, well try having a doctor husband, a doctor mother-in-law, a doctor father-in-law, a doctor brother-in-law, and a doctor si.-wrtin-laesAnd the doctor husband keeps bringing home germs from the hospital and making ME sick!On the whole, the doctors I have seen here in Greece seem more sympathetic. They take more time with me and pay more attention to what I say. Of course, doctors here probably don’t want to piss off the relatives of other doctors.


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