Sabudana Vada…No fry

7 thoughts on “Sabudana Vada…No fry”

  1. Hi Archana, I’m loving these very insightful exchanges. For a lovely, non-deep-fried sabudana vada, we’ve all gone pretty deep with the suggestions, and all great ones πŸ™‚

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  2. Done both. Probably not updated the blog because I have done sabudana vada deep fry version ample number of times.
    Anyways thanks for reminding. Will update


  3. Hi Archana, There are 2 very important steps for this recipe to work. 1. Sabudana must be soaked so it becomes soft and mushy and 2. While cooking the paniyaram pan must be covered to retain the freshness.

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  4. Hey thanks a lot for the prompt and positive reply πŸ™‚ Will wait to read about this and more from you. Love your profile too πŸ™‚ Take care and God bless. Regards.

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  5. Thanks for ur encouraging words. S any oil for that matter does not do much good to our health.
    The end product was not too dry because of the size of the vada. I have made it small so that the initial oil is sufficient for cooking on both the sides.
    But as u suggested sprinkling with some oil/water and covering it for about 5minutes could have given it the original recipe texture.
    Thanks for ur suggestions. Will surely try and reblog.


  6. Hi Archana, What a lovely idea, this! I like Sabudana Wadas, but really, they’re like the hungriest of dry sponges for the oil, which, even if you fry them in the healthiest oil by far, which is rice bran oil, they’re still bad for health. So your recipe is very intersting, and promises to give the original taste without the oil. Wonder how dry the end product is, of course, because oil does give it the moisture — sadly, what’s best for your palate is the worst for your health, ha ha. I guess if you cover the cooking dish after sprinkling some water on the metallic surface while it’s cooking, just before you turn off the gas or flame, it might end up giving the not-fried-hence-deprived-of-oil wadas a quick steam and soften em up a bit more. No? Thanks for the recipe. Must check it out once. Lovely blog, and great profile too, you have.

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